Leuven programme

The 9th Annual EAJRS - Conference, Leuven 23/26 September 1998

East-Asian Library (Oost-Aziatische Bibliotheek)
Katholieke Universiteit, Leuven
2F University Main Library Building
Mgr. Ladeuzeplein 21

*Wednesday 23 September*

13:00 Registration at the East-Asian Library
14:00 Opening
14:15 Prof. Willy Vande Walle (Katholieke Universiteit, Leuven)

14:45 Tea/Coffee

Reports on Ongoing Projects
Nishikawa, Chikako (International Research Center for Japanese Studies [Nichibunken], Kyoto) The creation of a catalogue and database of pre-1900 printed books on Japan in European languages in the library of the International Research Center for Japanese Studies (Japanese)
Morimura, Etsuko (Maison de la Culture du Japon à Paris)
Guided tour of the University Main Library

Invitation from Prof. Willy Vande Walle, Head of the Department of Japanese Studies to a welcome drink in the "Spoelberch-kamer" in the same building

*Thursday 24 September*
_Special Workshop on Japanese Electronic Resources_

Dillon, Chris (Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation, London) Introduction to the Workshop

Prof. Noguchi, Sachie (Japan Information Center Coordinator East Asian Library, University of Pittsburgh) University of Virginia / University of Pittsburgh Japanese Text Initiative

10:30 Tea/Coffee

Morita, Ichiko T. (Japan Documentation Center, The Library of Congress) Dissemination of "difficult-to-obtain"literature

Prof. Lambert, Bruce Henry (The European Institute of Japanese Studies, Stockholm) DataGate: facilitating access to Japanese-language scholarly data

Koyama, Noboru (Cambridge University Library) The UK Japanese Union Catalogue (Web catalogue) and beyond

12:30 Lunch

Shinohara, Mika (NDL) Japanese legislative information and the National Diet Librariy's web site

14.30 Prof. Hotate, Michihisa (Tokyo University) Japanese medieval history and computerized historiography (English & Japanese)

15:00 Tea/Coffee

Morimoto, Hideyuki (East Asian Library, University of California, Berkeley) WINE records loaded in WorldCat: their compatibility with LC practices for Japanese-language monographic title cataloging

Funato Hallgren, Kazune (The European Institute of Japanese Studies, Stockholm) 6th International Conference on Japanese Information in Science, Technology & Commerce (JOHO 6)

16.30-17:00 Discussion

The Traditional Dinner at the Traditional Restaurant.

*Friday 25 September*

Yamada McVey, Kuniko (Documentation Center on Contemporary Japan, Reischauer Institute, Cambridge, Mass.) Japanese government information on the Web

Phillifent, Robert (Library of Japanese Science & Technology, Newcastle) OCLC 'WorldCat': a useful resource for the acquisition of Japanese publications

10:30 Tea/Coffee

Hayashi, Rie (Department of Information Studies, University of Sheffield) Japanese information sharing in the UK

Prof. Hirose, Katsuya (Compiler in Chief, Honya-Project) HONYA-Project: in search of a sustainable model of academic and non-academic publishing on the Internet

Effert, Fifi (Research School CNWS, Rijksuniversiteit Leiden) An explosive dictionary

12:30 Lunch

Kabanoff, Alexander (Institute of Oriental Studies, St Petersburg) N. Nevsky's Japanese materials in St. Petersburg and Tenry Library: a stone age in the post-modern epoch

Suzuki, Jun (National Institute of Japanese Literature, Tokyo) Manner of research on Japanese illustrated old books (Japanese)

15:00 Tea/Coffee

Dr. Dubois, Joseph (AFJN) From the Library of Leon de Rosny to that of Georges Bonneu

Dr Moroshkina (Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow) The Japanese serials collection of the State Medical Library of Russia (Moscow)

Helliwell, David (Bodleian Library) allegro

*Saturday 26 September*

Schauweeker, Detlev (Kansai University, Osaka) Unpublished police records of the 1930s and 1940s in archives of the Kinki area

Shimizu, Yasuo (Diplomatic Record Office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tokyo) Declassification of diplomatic records in FY1997 (Japanese)

10:30 Tea/Coffee

Adachi, Mariko & Loosli-Niki, Tamami (Zurich University) A multi-task Japanese library system for personal computer (Japanese)
Dr Kuwabara, Setsuko (German-Japanese Centre, Berlin) The activities of the Working Group "Japanese Libraries" in the German language area (Japanese)

The Annual Meeting of the EAJRS and Election of Officers

14:00 - Excursion to Brussels.

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